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TheEventCard® - Co-branded, On-demand Affinity Cards ...

Clients. Patrons. Players. Whatever you call your customers, it may be desirable for you to issue a customer loyalty card to them. The more branded to you, and the more personalized to them, the better the tie your customers have to you, not merely by the name on a card, but by virtue of branding to their interest – more ’emotionally’ to them.  Whether by special event (HotAugustNights®, the Reno Air Races®, a poker tournament or a wedding, the ‘member card’ means more to them when it more closely relates to the card holder.

We can facilitate this, whether on-demand or bulk production of patron cards.

Print personalized, business-branded (and card holder relevant) cards  on-demand with TheEventCard®. 

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What’s Your Affinity?™  …. 

     ….What’s Your Player’s Affinity?

Sports  |  Classic Cars  |  Harleys |   Aircraft | Motocross | Racing |  Food  | 
Country |  Pop   | Rock & Roll |  Trade show  | Wedding …
  • Create Stronger Player-connection to your resort

  • Print event-based VIP Affinity cards on demand

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