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Repair & Technical Services

We received fast and friendly service and the price was even lower than quoted for the work.

Guy Farmer

Local, Responsive Service

Other’s business models require a backlog… likely they can get to you in days or weeks.  We understand that the reason you have technology is to use it.  We understand urgency. We typically work on the scale of minutes or hours, not days or weeks.

With our repair services you will get:

  • Reliable, knowledgeable, and conscientious service technicians
  • Prompt response from local Reno technicians
  • A real human – we answer our phones — no “phone tree” to navigate.
  • Documented quick turnaround
  • An appreciation not just for the repair or task at hand, at the same time for the greater goals and efficiencies of your business.
  • Drop-in, on-site, and remote servicing/assistance/troubleshooting available

With a diverse set of skills and experience with a wide range of devices and systems

  • Printers – InkJet, Laser, DotMatrix, Thermal, Plastic & Metal embossing, Plastic printing
  • Networking, interfaces – infrastructure, hardware & software
  • Operating systems and applications
  • Process backup and documentation
  • Comprehensive, no-finger-pointing problem solving.