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You have Player Tracking systems for a reason – to reward your patrons – and to better reward your better patrons. The Player Card is pivotal to the whole functioning of the player tracking system.  And the card is not just a “ID” for the slot, but a status piece for the player, who you want to be your Player.

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The HBM Difference

Our involvement in gaming player cards is from the very birth of the concept, predating the legalization of gaming in the rest of the U.S.  We collaborated with a Reno casino  IT manager in the early 1980’s to put together the first player tracking system.  This experience shows, as we’re repeatedly recognized as the knowledgeable source on Player Card printers.

We are located in Reno, Nevada: the birthplace of modern gaming…  the player card has been top of mind for us for decades.  Player tracking was first created at a casino located only 100 yards from our office; the famous Reno Arch is only 300 yards from our front door.  In short, we are mired in gaming.

Card Volume: the typical ID card printer might issue 100-500 cards per month, depending on organization and turnover. We maintain printers that produce up to 100,000 cards per month – and know the twists, turns and idiosyncrasies of a gaming operation.

Operating schedule: typical ID printers might work a couple of hours per business day, versus gaming usage of 24 x 7 x 365

Environment: while employee ID- issuing environments aren’t always the bastion of dust and dirt-free cleanliness, casinos tend to be more smoke-filled, dusty operating environments and require different kinds of maintenance and caretaking.

OpenCard expertise: we have years of experience configuring OpenCard printers, familiar with peculiarities of PlayerCard print configurations.  

Access to experienced personnel: we personally answer our phones…period.

Company culture: we have an uncommon attention to detail and a sense of urgency.  We don’t profess perfection; at the same time, we’ve found there are many times when we know the answer when others haven’t even thought of the question.

Service: we have qualified service personnel and keep typically needed parts in stock.  We pride ourselves on a quick turnaround of only a few days, and make every attempt to return a printer completely configured and ready to work.

Scope: we have consulted on a wide variety of Player Card related topics, from magstripe encoding to optimize read rate and patron satisfaction, to maximizing printer uptime and duty cycles under the stress  of high volume card production seen in most casinos.

Appreciation: for our gaming clients…  to make installations, repairs, reconfiguration and troubleshooting as smooth as possible. After all, we have a stellar reputation to protect and foster!


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What is OpenCard?

OpenCard uses a simple, compact datastream to convey cardholder personalization information to the card printer via an IP address, and nothing else.

Using OpenCard generally negates the need for printer drivers to be installed, updated and maintained at each operator computer..