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HBM - A breed apart...

A different breed…
(we’ve found we’re definitely a zebra among horses)

We’ve been serving the professional community for over 80 years, and have been providing, servicing, and supporting computer systems for over 30 years — making us the oldest personal computer company in Northern Nevada. We choose quality products from the start and keep equipment running with support and service. The reason you have and use is not it is, but what it does for you.

  • We don’t have “salesmen.”  Salesmen sell, & tend to over-represent a product’s capabilities, no? It’s easy when you don’t have to actually accomplish the task.  With us, the person representing the product is the person installing and supporting it – a more realistic and honest approach.
  • We advise our clients of the “minuses” as well as the benefits of products and systems.
  • We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach. Technology is often very powerful, but there is a seldom a reason it needs to be force-fed.
  • We build close relationships and are generally available on a 24x7 as-needed basis.
  • We have a long term customer base with long term staff retention.
  • We represent you, the client, not the manufacturer.
  • We have a long-held presence in the community, in business, as well as in community service.
  • We build a mutual relationship of trust, and never take that for granted.
  • We’re your “puzzle piece” … need a given area covered and handled?  We’re happy to do something small for you, and confident that you’ll look to us for assistance with other areas as we prove ourselves.
  • Work ethic. We get on the job and get to work. If there are two (or more) things that can be done at the same time, productively, efficiently and conscientiously, then we do it that way.
  • An uncommon sense of urgency. We like to jump on the job and get the issue solved — not just same-day, but in many cases in the same-hour.
  • An appreciation for the work that you and your business does. Downtime is expensive to your business; and we don’t tolerate it.  We protect the data, infrastructure, and operation of your business.

You guys are doing great. We try to send any service within reasonable range to you because of the quality of service you provide.

Ivan Topchiyski

National Technical Support, HP Partner Managed Print Services

Technology challenges?

Let us put our 30+ years of technology and business experience to work for you. We sell, service and support various technology including, but not limited to:

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Procurement, Integration and troubleshooting
  • Legacy systems
  • Internet provider rate and bandwidth review
  • Firewalls and security review
  • Backup systems and methods
  • Systems documentation
  • Processes and cross training
  • Software vendor annoyances

HBM is a proud supporter of these local organizations: